Tutorial for the Blooming Flower Tut

Tutorial© by Deb

Done by Deb

Needed: Paint Shop Pro , I did this with Paint Shop Pro9 but

you should be able to use any Paint Shop Pro versions as well. Unzip this file into your masks folder then open PSP.

Supplies here, bloomingflower.zip


Step 1: Click File, New image, open a 600 x 500 layer
flood fill with pattern1 45-angle/100 scale new raster layer and flood fill with color #31536f close off pattern1 fill and make 2nd layer active.

Step 2: layers, load/save mask, load from disk. find fanned rectangle source luminance checked, fit to canvas, show all mask, invert not checked. layers, merge group.


Step 3: duplicate your layer. Image then mirror. with these 2 layers being the only ones open, go to layers, merge visible.


Step 4: Using the magic wand, click in the center of the fanned frame, once selected, go to selections, modify, expand by 3, then fill with your color. keep selected. go to selections, modify, selection border, outside then check anti alias and pt to 12. flood fill with your pattern1. while still selected go to effects, 3D effects, inner bevel use these settings. bevel #2 width 15, 22 smooth, 10 depth, 25 ambience, 3 shininess, 75% angle 30 intensity, 40 elevation color white.


Step 5: deselect


Step 6: find your flower bloom, copy and past as new layer. Position center. adjust, sharpen more. apply same bevel as before then a drop shadow. V/H 1, Opac 100, blur 5.00 color black open bottom layer, merge visible.


Step 7: Image, add border 3 using your color. Image, add 25x border white, fill with your pattern. use same bevel. image add 3x border using your color. Add your Name or watermark. that's all to it. Hope you all enjoyed doing this tutorial.
Make it your own using other tubes


Happy PsP'ing


feel free to send any comments on this tutorial or Click below to email me. Enjoy !!